Susan Gilmore Beach Sunrise

After being away most of the week for work, i arrived home late on Friday to remember that i had organised a sunrise shoot with my photography mates in Newcastle Sundance photography group. The weather has been pretty crazy lately so it really was a toss of the coin as to what we might get but the alarms were set anyway.

I arrived at our meeting spot to a very misty and dark coastline. Once the others had arrived we made our way down on to the beach and around and over the rocks to the rock platform. By this stage light was starting to break and it became obvious that there was significant cloud cover along with the sea mist.

The rock platform at Susan Gilmore reminds me a little of the Tessellated Pavement in Tassie with all the bumps and lines criss-crossing the rock platform.


The rock platform just wasn’t working for me today, so I started looking for new compositions. I headed towards the edge of the platform to capture some of the waves rolling over the rocks.The sun hadn’t risen above the horizon but for a fleeting moment the gap in the clouds provided some glow across the sky.


I wandered further up the beach to where Leigh was shooting and found the edge of the rock platform with a nice little swell still rolling in even though it was coming into low tide.



As the sun broke the horizon there was a brief moment of colour along the horizon and a bright red sun climbing through the clouds, and once the sun went back behind the clouds, the light was just fantastic and we were all going a little crazy with some long exposure shot to capture the movement of the water across the rocks.


Before heading back to the kiosk for breakfast, i grabbed a quick shot looking back over the rock platform towards the cliff.



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