Special Olympics – Opening Ceremony

WOW! What a night. Another long, late night but oh so worth it. Tonight it was time to officially open the games. The venue – Hunter Stadium – Home the Newcastle Knights and Jets – Blue and Red territory, but tonight Green and Gold would rein supreme.

With almost full run of the stadium (not on the grass ūüė¶ )We walked those aisles, steps and corridors (more times than i want to count) taking in the whole atmosphere of 2000+athletes and approximately 20,000 fans and supporters hoping to capture the spirit of the night.

The opening ceremony was beautiful – so wonderful to see all the special dancers, cheerleaders and performers having the time of their lives out in the middle of the stadium with everyone clapping and cheering them on.

The ceremony was fairly typical for these events in that there was the performers out on the field, the headline acts up on the stages and the obvious highlight of the night – the athletes entrance country by country and the lighting of the games cauldron. As is customary the home nation came in last and just about blew the house down – and took up all the remaining seats, it is certainly one large Aussie team here to do their absolute best.

Here some shots from the night, because words dont seem to do it justice.
Cultural Dancers- they would perform with approx 100 other performers of different nationalities in single performance of solidarity and nationality.

The looks of joy and excitement as the athletes came out of the tunnel onto the field were magnificent

The stream of Green & Gold almost went tunnel to tunnel !

Its something everyone looks forward to seeing – the cauldron

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